Asher's Revenge | Ep. 002

Posted on Saturday, Feb 18, 2023
Asher makes an appearance!

Show Notes

The Peeps that shouldn’t be: Dr. Pepper Peeps Peeps Flavored Pepsi

The candy that redeemed Ben’s childhood: Fun Dip

The “candy” which proves Ben is a monster: Halls Cough Drops

The candy with SCIENCE inside: Wint-o-Green Life Savers

(Asher never gave me his weird ad-laden 80’s candy link, but it proved to be underwhelming anyway, so I didn’t press him for it.)

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Ben Finkel

Ben Finkel (He/Him)

Ben is... well, he's biological. We think.
Danielle deLuise

Danielle deLuise (She/Her)

Danielle is the only reason we are not cancelled. Yet.
Shawn Powers

Shawn Powers (He/Him)

Shawn is to blame for this whole thing. And most things.
Asher McClennahan

Asher McClennahan (He/Him)

Asher is our producer, but that doesn't really mean anything. We just call him that so he will do stuff like sound effects that Shawn is too lazy to do in post-edit.