Say What? | Ep. 004

Posted on Saturday, Mar 18, 2023
Words, Emojis, and Loganberry

Show Notes

In this episode, Ben deep dives on why we say the things we say. And why the poop emoji has a smile.

Today’s drink is Loganberry, sent to us by Ben, who lives in western New York State. Which appears to be the only place a person can buy Loganberry. Unless you go to Amazon. It’s absurdly expensive to buy the cans on Amazon, but Ben also pointed us to a concentrated version that might be a bit more affordable. Or, you know, just by freeze-pops and drink the juice inside. :)

Stuff mentioned in the episode (Affiliate Links, which means Shawn might get a few cents that would otherwise go directly to Jeff Bezos!)

Canned Loganberry Loganberry Concentrate (cheaper!) Little Hugs (Barrel of “Fruit”)

Loganberry Vodka

Loganberry Margarita Recipe


Don’t Believe a Word Words on the Move Because Internet The Dictionary of Lost Words

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