Bread Y'all | Ep. 006

Posted on Tuesday, May 9, 2023
Bread, Y’all

Show Notes

Shawn almost wrote a book about bread. Not a recipe book, but… more like the story of bread. The book was rejected partway through the process, so he has… thoughts. About bread. (And butter)

Here is the only copy of the “I Love Bread” SNL video I could find…

Today’s Drink:

Jarritos Tamarind (but check your local grocery store before buying on Amazon, it’s expensive on Amazon)

Bread Stuff:

Flour Water Salt Yeast (book)
Amazon Link | Indie Bookstore Link

Breadmaking Kit, with bannetons, lame, and scrapers

Digital Kitchen Scale

Fancy Round Bread Lame

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Ben Finkel

Ben Finkel (He/Him)

Ben is... well, he's biological. We think.
Danielle deLuise

Danielle deLuise (She/Her)

Danielle is the only reason we are not cancelled. Yet.
Shawn Powers

Shawn Powers (He/Him)

Shawn is to blame for this whole thing. And most things.