DnDnGoats | Ep. 003

Posted on Saturday, Feb 25, 2023
DnD Drama, and Ttrpg the goat

Show Notes

This week, Asher talks about the recent controversy in the Dungeons & Dragons world. And if you’re not sure what we mean by “recent”, well, that makes sense. It turns out the history of DnD is fraught with controversy. And fornicating unicorns.

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Danielle deLuise

Danielle deLuise (She/Her)

Danielle is the only reason we are not cancelled. Yet.
Shawn Powers

Shawn Powers (He/Him)

Shawn is to blame for this whole thing. And most things.
Asher McClennahan

Asher McClennahan (He/Him)

Asher is our producer, but that doesn't really mean anything. We just call him that so he will do stuff like sound effects that Shawn is too lazy to do in post-edit.